OKP K7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

OKP K7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

by OKP Life


Say goodbye to the frustration of constant pet hair lying around! The OKP K7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner by OKP is a thorough machine

This labour-saving robotic cleaner was designed to trap pet dander

One special feature we'd like to mention: the FreeMove technology with anti-collision infrared sensors

It's the perfect vacuum for owners of four-legged friends

Enjoy years of reliable vacuuming service

Why people love this robot vacuum

People love this product because it , only makes a gentle noise and sets up with the app easily

Product Specs

Here are the detailed specifications for this OKP Life robot vacuum

Color: blue

Dual (Vacuum + Mop):

Warranty: unlimited months

Surface: hard floor, carpet

Batteries required:

Batteries included:

Battery life: 120min

Battery type: Lithium ion

Noise level: 58db

Suction power: 2000pa

Dust bin volume: 600ml

Weight: 10.83lb

Dimensions: 12.6in x 12.6in x 3.15in

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean the dustbin filter on a robotic vacuum?

To clean the dustbin filter on a robotic vacuum, first, remove the dustbin from the vacuum. Then, use a damp cloth to remove the dirt, dust, and debris from the filter. Allow the filter to air dry before replacing it back into the vacuum. If the filter has a lot of dust buildup, you can also remove it from the dustbin and gently tap it against a hard surface to remove some of the dust. If necessary, you can also clean the filter with a vacuum cleaner.

Can robotic vacuums be used on all types of flooring?

No, robotic vacuums may not be suitable for all types of flooring. Many robotic vacuums are designed specifically to work on hardwood, tile, or other flat surfaces. Other types of flooring, such as carpets or rugs, may require a different type of robotic vacuum or another cleaning appliance.

How do you change the filter on a robotic vacuum?

To change the filter on a robotic vacuum, the first step is to locate the filter in the dustbin or dust compartment of the vacuum. After the filter is located, remove it carefully and dispose of it. Next, insert the new filter into the dustbin or dust compartment and make sure it is securely in place. Finally, close the dustbin or dust compartment and the filter should be ready to use.

Can robotic vacuums climb over thresholds or transitions between floor types?

Yes, some robotic vacuums are designed to climb over thresholds and transitions between floor types. Some robotic vacuums have powerful sensors and brushes that are designed to detect and maneuver around thresholds and transitions.