Victony US BL-03W Robot Vacuum

Victony US BL-03W Robot Vacuum

by Victony US


Speed up cleaning time! The Victony US BL-03W Robot Vacuum by Victony is a practical automatic vacuum cleaner

This top-performing robotic help was created to clean up after your pets

A great feature: its smart-learning capabilities

It's the ultimate robotic hoover for owners of four-legged friends

Don't wait for spring to have a clean house

Why people love this robot vacuum

People love this product because it is sensibly quiet, doesn't need a lot of wall space and has high pick up capabilities

Product Specs

Here are the detailed specifications for this Victony US robot vacuum

Color: black

Dual (Vacuum + Mop):

Warranty: 12 months

Surface: hard floor, carpet

Batteries required:

Batteries included:

Battery life: 120min

Battery type: Lithium ion

Noise level: 55db

Suction power: 1650pa

Dust bin volume: 600ml

Weight: 4.96lb

Dimensions: 13.89in x 12.87in x 3in

Frequently Asked Questions

Do robot vacuums get stuck?

Yes, robot vacuums can occasionally get stuck. The best thing you can do is make sure your floor is as empty as possible before launching the robot, so that it doesn't become entangled. That being said, the newer vacuum models are equipped with powerful sensors that will avoid any obstacles.

How do you change the cleaning mode on a robotic vacuum?

To change the cleaning mode on a robotic vacuum, you will need to consult your vacuum's user manual for specific instructions. Generally, the control panel of the vacuum will have settings for different cleaning modes, such as spot cleaning, whole room cleaning, edge cleaning, and more. You can use the controls to switch between the different cleaning modes. Some robotic vacuums also have an app that allows you to control the cleaning settings remotely.

How long does it take before the robot vacuum needs to recharge?

High end models can have up to 180 minutes of battery life, which is plenty to clean an entire floor. When the battery does find itself empty, this isn't a problem for the more sophisticated robot cleaners, as they are equipped with a docking station they automatically return to when their battery is about to die. Once fully recharged, the robot will continue cleaning where it left off. Cheaper bots will need to plugged in to recharge.

How do you set up a robotic vacuum for the first time?

The steps for setting up a robotic vacuum for the first time will vary depending on the specific model, so it is important to refer to the user manual for the correct instructions. Generally, the steps are as follows: 1. Place the charging dock in the area you want cleaned and plug it into an outlet. 2. Place the robotic vacuum on the charging dock and make sure it is connected properly. 3. Turn on the power switch on the vacuum and read the instructions on the display. 4. Follow the instructions to program the robotic vacuum, including setting a cleaning schedule, configuring cleaning modes and areas, and mapping the area. 5. Once the setup is complete, press the start button and let the robotic vacuum begin its cleaning cycle.