TECBOT Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot

TECBOT Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot



Shorten your never-ending to-do list! The TECBOT Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot by TECBOT is a solid cleaner. This satisfying vacuum cleaning robot was crafted to clear the dust from the corners of the rooms. One special feature we'd like to mention: its great pet-hair performance. It's the ultimate vacuum for people who are sensitive to pet dander. Enjoy the feeling of coming home to a dust-free house.

Why people love this robot vacuum

People love this product because it comes with a dust canister that is quite large, is a fast-working model, stands out for its battery life and is unobtrusive.

Product Specs

Here are the detailed specifications for this TECBOT robot vacuum

Color: aqua

Dual (Vacuum + Mop):

Warranty: 12 months

Surface: hard floor, carpet

Batteries required:

Batteries included:

Battery life: 120min

Battery type: Alkaline

Noise level: 58db

Suction power: 2000pa

Dust bin volume: 600ml

Weight: 11.49lb

Dimensions: 17.3in x 17.3in x 2.9in

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take before the robot vacuum needs to recharge?

High end models can have up to 180 minutes of battery life, which is plenty to clean an entire floor. When the battery does find itself empty, this isn't a problem for the more sophisticated robot cleaners, as they are equipped with a docking station they automatically return to when their battery is about to die. Once fully recharged, the robot will continue cleaning where it left off. Cheaper bots will need to plugged in to recharge.

Can a robot vacuum go over rugs?

Robot vacuums have no problem whatsoever cleaning carpets and rugs. The suction capacity varies depending on which type and brand you buy, but all models do a really good cleaning record.

How good are robot vacuum cleaners?

Robot vacuum cleaners have come a long way and although they cannot fully replace a traditional hoover, they can pretty much take care of the work for you. The only thing you will need to do is vacuum the stairs and do a more thorough clean once in a while. People who already invested in one simply can't live without it any longer!

Do robot vacuums get stuck?

Yes, robot vacuums can occasionally get stuck. The best thing you can do is make sure your floor is as empty as possible before launching the robot, so that it doesn't become entangled. That being said, the newer vacuum models are equipped with powerful sensors that will avoid any obstacles.