Shark ION Robot Vacuum AV753

Shark ION Robot Vacuum AV753

by Shark Ninja


Let a vacuum robot take care of this thankless chore! The Shark ION Robot Vacuum AV753 by Shark Ninja is a clever unit

This durable autonomous vacuum was created to get right underneath low-clearance pieces of furniture

You will love: the Tri-Brush system

It's the ultimate robot vac for a family with pets

Get it, you won't be disappointed

Why people love this robot vacuum

People love this product because it will rid your carpets of most pet hair, picks up a lot of dirt and works at reasonable speed

Product Specs

Here are the detailed specifications for this Shark Ninja robot vacuum

Color: grey

Dual (Vacuum + Mop):

Warranty: 12 months

Surface: multi-surface

Batteries required:

Batteries included:

Battery life: 120min

Battery type: Lithium ion

Noise level: 60db

Suction power: 1000pa

Dust bin volume: 300ml

Weight: 8.14lb

Dimensions: 18.3in x 15.2in x 5.7in

Frequently Asked Questions

Do robotic vacuums work well on thick carpets?

Yes, robotic vacuums can work well on thick carpets, although they may need to be set to a higher suction setting for maximum performance. Additionally, robotic vacuums with larger wheels and more powerful motors are better suited to thicker carpets than those with smaller wheels and less powerful motors.

How do robot vacuums navigate?

Most robot vacuums use smart sensor technology to navigate your home. Basic models use infrared sensors that stop them for tumbling down the stairs, while more expensive ones use laser-guided scanners to map their environment in detail. But this system can sometimes fail in low-light environments.

How do you update the software on a robotic vacuum?

The process for updating the software on a robotic vacuum will vary depending on the make and model. However, in general, you may need to connect the vacuum to a computer via a USB cable. Once connected to the computer, you may need to download the updated software from the manufacturer's website, and then follow the instructions to install the software onto the robotic vacuum.

How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner?

When first buying a robot vacuum cleaner, there are a few things you need to consider. Some models offer more suction power than others, which is important if you have pets. It is also worth knowing if you want a WiFi enabled version, or just one who can be launched with a remote control. All robot vacs have the same basic functions and work pretty well, it's the extra feauture that drive up the price. Newer models have self-emptying capacities for instance, or double as a security camera while you're away.