Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

by Coredy


Automate your cleaning! The Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner by Coredy is a premium automatic vacuum cleaner. This sturdy handy home item was created to clean the toughest places in your home. One special feature we'd like to mention: the BoostIQ technology for adaptive suction power. It's the ideal autonomous device for households with domestic animals. It's an effortless way to clean your floors.

Why people love this robot vacuum

People love this product because it presents a high suction power for a spotless clean, can follow the virtual boundary markers to clean only certain rooms and can't fall down the stairs, thanks to its built-in sensors.

Product Specs

Here are the detailed specifications for this Coredy robot vacuum

Color: black

Dual (Vacuum + Mop):

Warranty: 12 months

Surface: hard floor, carpet

Batteries required:

Batteries included:

Battery life: 120min

Battery type: Lithium ion

Noise level: 65db

Suction power: 2000pa

Dust bin volume: 500ml

Weight: 11.23lb

Dimensions: 12.8in x 12.7in x 2.77in

Frequently Asked Questions

How do robot vacuums navigate?

Most robot vacuums use smart sensor technology to navigate your home. Basic models use infrared sensors that stop them for tumbling down the stairs, while more expensive ones use laser-guided scanners to map their environment in detail. But this system can sometimes fail in low-light environments.

Can a robot vacuum clean stairs?

There are many things a vacuum cleaning robot is good at, but cleaning stairs is not yet within reach. The machine will stop short of the stairs. You will have to use your regular vacuum to clean this part of your house.

How long does it take a robot vacuum to map a floor?

The time a robot vacuum takes to map the entire room or floor it needs to clean, varies between models. More sophisticated models might take a bit longer to make a detailed map, sometimes up to 3 or 4 cleaning sessions. It's best to leave it be or you'll get annoyed at all the weird moves the robot is making. But once the mapping is done, the vacuuming job will be so easy and straighforward.

Can a robot vacuum go up the stairs?

Unfortunately, robot vacuums can't climb stairs. The best they can do at the moment is pass from hardwood floors to carpet level. You will need to carry your robot up and down the stairs if you want multiple levels cleaned. Or if your budget is a bit higher, you could invest in a second robot vacuum for the other level.